Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pink Flower Photo: Aquilegia 'Biedermeier' Columbine

Columbine Flower Photo By Aquariann

My flower photo collection keeps growing and growing, thanks to trips to Brookgreen Gardens, Longwood Gardens, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Williamsburg Botanical Garden and anywhere in between where I've spotted fabulous flowers to photograph. Thus an idea sprouted to devote a blog hop to flowers. Since my schedule doesn't usually allow me to participate in multiple hops and I am already attached to Wordless Wednesday, I have decided to feature a flower photo every Friday and use that post to hop around the following Wednesday. Hopefully that will give me more time to return the favor on all comments, as I have been dropping the ball on that lately.

For my announcement post, I chose an Aquilegia 'Biedermeier' Columbine flower to share. I drew a similar columbine flower a few years ago and am using the artwork for my blog hop button. Every week I will also be featuring my favorite flower photos from the past week's participants. As an example, I picked all three flower photos from Mademoiselle Mermaid's blog. Her Friday Flower Picks are always such a pretty way to start the weekend!

Featured Flower Picks:
Cosmos Flower Photo Cape Leadwort Flower Photo Hot Pink Orchids Flower Photo
Pink CosmosBlue Cape LeadwortHot Pink Orchids

How To Plant Your Own Post:
The only rule to play is that you can only add one link per week! The post doesn't even have to mention flowers, but only ones that do will be eligible for being picked as a feature next week. I will be sharing my flower image on other blog hops, namely Wordless Wednesday, and welcome all family-friendly links from fellow hoppers, even from Etsy or other handmade shops. However, if you want to promote a prize, I suggest adding it to my Giveaway Chest Linky instead to entice more treasure hunters.

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Flower Friday

Monday, May 25, 2015

Handmade Trove: Chainmaille Flower Pendant by WXdruid Chainmail

Chainmaille Flower Pendant by WXdruid

After the orange marigolds in my window box wilted during a surprisingly sweltering spring day, I replaced them with purple calibrachoa flowers and have been doing my best not to let them go thirsty. Considering how much water I drink, you think I'd remember to share with the flowers more often!

At least the newest flower in my jewelry collection doesn't need to be watered to survive. Jennifer of WXdruid Chainmail grew the chainmaille flower pendant above by interlocking silver and fuchsia jump rings. Wearing the handmade necklace in sunlight helps the anodized aluminum shine even brighter.

Disclaimer: I received this free pendant as a thank you gift for hosting a jewelry giveaway. If you think your handmade creations would harmonize with my whimsical ramblings, learn how to sponsor a giveaway here.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Giveaway Linky of Treasure

Ahoy, me hearties! Instead of burying yer treasure, add it to me giveaway chest so entrants can battle over winning yer prize. This be an ongoing giveaway linky, so me mates shan't waste time anchoring down the same sweepstakes to enter more than once. I be updating the giveaway list every weekend to feature a new booty of the week and remove expired giveaways.

Submissions from this list are also commandeered to categorize treasures for me mateys to plunder on me new giveaway blog. I be blogging in me spare time and not demanding gold in return, so please understand that adding yours to me giveaway linky does not guarantee it will also appear on the giveaway website. To maximize your chances, add it at least a week before the deadline.

Only links including the prize, end date AND what countries are eligible to enter will be considered. Follow this format when typing the Name:
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(WW = Worldwide, US/CAN = United States and Canada, and US = United States.)

Featured Booty
Featured Booty of the Week: Valenwood Vixen Giveaway
Prize: Real Moss Necklace
Available: Worldwide
Deadline: June 1, 2015

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